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The Power Comes With Great Responsibility

Okay, Spider-Man puns aside, what we're talking about here is the new flick The Power, which was originally announced at Cannes. Not that dealing with Satan or real life Satanists doesn't come with its own set of responsibilities of course.

According to Screen Daily Grace Vallorani, Jonnie Hurn, Valentine Pelka, Constance Carter, Rosie Fellner and Earl Ling all star in Moviehouse Entertainment's The Power, which is currently under way in Norwich, England under the direction of Paul Hills.

Look for more on this one as it comes.


Abducted and imprisoned by a cult, Magda awakens in a filthy cell. Despite hearing distant voices, her screams for help go unanswered. She's a prisoner, seemingly without hope... In time, she befriends another hostage, a girl who provides some comfort. However, as the weeks pass, the cult members prepare Magda for participation in a dark ritual with demonic, religious and sexual overtones; and her despair grows.

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