Syfy Provides a Peek at this Weekend's Killer Mountain

Thank goodness for the Killer Mountain ads on the front page of the website, or even I might have forgotten there is a new Syfy creature feature premiering this weekend. As you can already ascertain, it has something to do with a mountain where people get killed.

Aaron Douglas (“Battlestar Galactica”), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Far Cry), and Crystal Lowe (Wrong Turn 2: Dead End) star in this weekend's Syfy premiere of Killer Mountain from director Sheldon Wilson (Screamers: The Hunting) and writer Peter Sullivan (The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation).

Though the title Killer Mountain probably sounds as generic as humanly possible, as you’ll read in this plot synopsis, there is a good explanation as to its meaning.

Located in Bhutan, Gangkhar Puensum ("Killer Mountain") is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. According to local legend, 6000 meters is the abode of the Gods, and trespassing is strictly prohibited as a matter of religious law.

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