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The Woman and Feral People: An Unbelievable Cinematic Truth

The Woman has generated some controversy based on its misogynistic tones and scenes of torture. Early reviews from major news sources have called the film "an hour and a half of brutal misogyny" (Reporter) and "devoid of wit, flair and thematic focus" (Variety). However, most critics agree that the film is out to shock and there is often an audience for films that will push boundaries. The Woman will premiere in the United Kingdom August 27th and North America October 14th.

Part of the premise for The Woman is this focus on a feral person captured in the wild. Strangely, this is not an uncommon occurrence, with hundreds of stories of feral people being found in jungles and forests locally and abroad. Recently, there was a report of a Cambodian woman found malnourished and partially naked in Rattanakiri Prov. (2007). Her speech was imparied and her ability to socialize was diminished.

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