New interview with Carmen Moore, new projects for Meg Tilly, Ryan Robbins and Mike Dopud & some general updates

Let's start with the writers this time.

Jane Espenson wrote an article about Torchwood for that provides some info about the creative process behind Miracle Day. You can read it here.

Mark Verheiden tweets that he is back in the Falling Skies writers' room. Caprica co-creator & new Fs showrunner Remi Aubuchon confirms that Verheiden will be on staff for season two as a consulting producer. (Yes, Remi Aubuchon has joined Twitter.)

Race Bending has a fantastic new interview with Carmen Moore. She talks about Blackstone, playing Fidelia in Caprica, how she got cast in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome (she will likely be a regular if B&C gets picked up) and some of her other projects, both old (Andromeda) and more recent (Two Indians Talking).

You can read the partial transcript here or listen to the whole interview below.

Carmen Moore is a veteran Canadian television and film actress from Burnbay,

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