Retro review: Angus

In a number of ways falling in love with a film is the same as falling in love with a lady. You can’t always chose who you hold a candle for. In fact, a lot of time, the heart dictates the object of its affection in spite of logic or pragmatism. Often the recipient of the heart’s desire isn’t the most obvious choice; they aren’t neccesarily the best looking or the smartest. Yet they always have something else going on, a je ne se quais, a something else you may or may not be able to put your finger on. It may be just a small idiosyncacy like the way she screws up her nose when annoyed or the kooky inflections that pepper her sentences.

Angus, a very wonderful little production, is a fantastic example of this. Lost in a crowd of more popular and critically acclaimed teen films,

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