Ten Completely Random, Obscure Box-Office Records

The box-office is in the news a lot of late, with Avatar now on the verge of surpassing Titanic to become the biggest grossing movie of all time, both domestically and worldwide (it surpassed Titanic worldwide yesterday). Once Avatar overtakes Titanic, however, most of the major records will belong to a handful of titles: Avatar (all time, biggest second through seventh weekends), The Dark Knight (fastest to reach $100 through $450 million, plus the biggest opening weekend of all time), E.T. (most weekends at number one and most weekends in the top ten) and New Moon (highest gross in a single day).

However, there are still plenty of other box-office records in existence, though most of them are seldom spoken of. I happen to absolutely love box-office numbers, and over the course of my time with Pajiba, BoxOfficeMojo is probably the site I visit more often than any other, save for IMDb

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