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"Dirty Dancing" reboot has a writer

With original "Dirty Dancing" choreographer Kenny Ortega signed on to direct Lionsgate's upcoming reboot of the franchise, it's a safe bet that the film's dancing will be dirtier than ever. But sexy moves are just part of the new "Dirty Dancing" equation, as writer Maria Maggenti has been brought on to craft the 21st century version of "Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

Some people might say that a love story as timeless as "Dirty Dancing" needs no reboots, remakes or revisiting, but those grouchy bastards simply don't understand the appeal of watching the same movie with much younger actors and what we imagine will be way more hip-hop music. The original 1987 film, of course, followed the romance between Patrick Swayze's Catskills dance instructor and Jennifer Grey's underage affluent New Yorker. The entire production was set to a soundtrack dripping with late 1980s schmaltz and cheese, making the

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