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Episode Recap: Doctor Who - 6.09: "Night Terrors"

A boy living in on a council estate is afraid and has been told to put the things that scare him into the cupboard in his room. (Why are scary things always found in the cupboard or under the bed. What is it with bedrooms and terrifying stuff.) He wants his mother, Claire (Emma Cunniffe) to do the ritual with the lights, turning them off and on five times before she leaves. George (Jamie Dram) hears the lift and even that makes him afraid. He calls out for help, "Please save me from the monsters" over and over. This is relayed eons away to the Doctor (Matt Smith) in the Tardis on his psychic paper. Just as Claire says George needs a doctor. The Doctor's doing something he's never done before, "making a housecall." Or that should be a (dolls) housecall! Sorry spoilers! The Tardis lands outside a rundown estate,

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