Weaver Reprises Role In 9/11 Play

Weaver Reprises Role In 9/11 Play

Sigourney Weaver is set to reprise her role in the 9/11-themed play The Guys as part of a 10th anniversary tribute to those who lost their lives in the horrific terrorist attacks.

The Alien star will return to the stage to play a journalist who helps a fire captain memorialise the men he lost at Ground Zero.

Weaver first took on the role in the months following the 2001 atrocities and the actress is eager to revisit the production, so she can again honour the fallen.

She tells the New York Post, "(At first everyone enjoyed) being together in a room for an hour and a half and being allowed to think about what had happened... Once the lights go down, you are open in a way you are not open when you are watching the news or reading the paper. You can think about things and have emotions and disagree and experience what's going on in the world in a more personal way."

The Guys will be staged at the Museum of Jewish Heritage for a two-night run, beginning on Wednesday.

Weaver's husband, Jim Simpson, will direct.