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Theater Review: Evocative ‘For the Boys’ Must Blend Disconnected Song With Rich Story

Chicago – Musical theater takes on the burden or blessing of twice the challenge as songless theater. To earn widespread acclaim and timeless durability, a show will seamlessly balance song and story in perfect harmony. The two living, breathing creatures must symbiotically advance each other. If one’s stronger, one suffocates the other and both die.

Play Rating: 3.5/5.0

That’s the case with the world premiere of “For the Boys” at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire, Ill., which is running now through Oct. 16, 2011. When separated, both components are equally strong. But when melded, that’s when the amalgamation reveals its weakness. Imagine watching one of the Harry Potter films, and just after Harry triumphs in a fierce quidditch match, he confusingly busts out singing “Light My Candle” from the musical “Rent”.

Michele Ragusa (left) and Timothy Gulan in “For the Boys” at the Marriott Theatre.

Photo credit: Marriott Theatre

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