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Marc Warren: 'I hope I'm not sick in front of an audience'

The Hustle star explains why being cast as Cool Hand Luke plays havoc with your diet

After a week rehearsing a new stage version of Cool Hand Luke, Marc Warren has today eaten his first hard-boiled egg. The first, he says, of many.

The 44-year-old actor from Northampton is preparing to play the title role in the West End production (which starts at the Aldwych theatre at the end of the month), taking on a character famously played by Paul Newman in the 1967 film; a film that remains memorable for a terrific scene in which Newman, as prisoner Luke, eats 50 eggs for a bet.

"You're on a hiding to nothing if you try to compete with Newman, one of the great stars," says Warren, speaking in a rehearsal room in north-west London, pointing out that the play is adapted from the film's source text, a 1965 novel by Donn Pearce. "That

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