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Oscar Winner Cliff Robertson Dead at 88

R.I.P. to a solid, professional actor. He was hand-picked by JFK to portray him in Pt-109 (1963)and also chosen by Hugh Hefner to play him in Star 80 (1983). He was the first star to appear on an episode of Outer Limits and was Uncle Ben in Sam Raimi.s Spider-man films. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for Charly in 1968 and, in a career that spanned seven decades, played bad guys (3 Days Of The Condor – 1975), romantic leads (DePalma.s Obsession – 1976), historical figures (Cole Younger in The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid -1972), presidents (Escape From L.A. -1996), and even a guest villain on three episodes of the .60.s Batman series (an evil cowboy called Shame). He apparently died earlier today though the cause of death is sketchy. Cliff Robertson was 88.

From The L.A. Times:

Cliff Robertson, who starred as John F. Kennedy in a 1963 World War

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