Ulli Lommel’s Latest Cinematic Offering: D.C. Sniper

Although his films are hated by the vast majority of those unfortunate enough to stumble across them, German-born filmmaker Ulli Lommel keeps pumping them out like there’s no tomorrow. His latest endeavors have been of the “true crime” variety: “Son of Sam”, “Green River Killer”, and “B.T.K. Killer” are just a few of the offerings he’s bestowed upon the movie-going public over the past few years, and if his next project is any indication, the man doesn’t plan to cease and desist anytime soon. Lommel’s 2010 yarn “D.C. Sniper” chronicles the wave of terror that gripped the Maryland/Virginia area during October of 2002. Genre Veteran Ken Foree will portray John Allen Muhammad, the disturbed mastermind behind these horrific highway shootings. Personally, I have no interest in the film, as the subject matter is a little too fresh in our collective memory to be considered as cinematic entertainment,

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