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Harlan-in The Shadow Of Jew SÜSS (Harlan-Im Schatten von Jud Süß)

What a difference a year makes! Just after World War II, hundreds of French citizens who like Maréchal Pétain and Pierre Laval collaborated with the Nazi regime, became "resistance fighters." So it seems in Germany as well, as tens of thousands, perhaps millions of Germans who shouted "Heil Hitler" became "disgusted" with everything to do with Nazism, particularly with the Holocaust. With the film "Harlan-In the Shadow of Jew Süss," writer-director Felix Moeller deals with a filmmaker who quite obviously collaborated with the Nazi ideology in that he made anti-Semitic films while glorifying the Third Reich but who, like Adolf Eichmann and so many other top criminals, caviled that they were forced to do as the apparatchiks commanded.Harlan-in The Shadow Of Jew SÜSS (Harlan-Im Schatten von Jud Süß)

Zeitgeist Films

Reviewed for Arizona Reporter by Harvey Karten

Grade: B

Directed by: Felix Moeller

Written By: Felix Moeller

Cast: Stefan Drössler,

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