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McG's Wonderland sells 5 TV projects

McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision has continued it's streak of prolific TV development. Deadline reports that the company has sold three projects to ABC, NBC, Fox and the CW, and also has several comedy and reality pitches in the works. McG is also set to direct his first pilot since 2007's Chuck. The company has 3 series on the air this coming season, with Chuck, Supernatural and Nikita. The company is based at Warner Bros. TV, after renewing it's deal with the studio through 2013.

Here is what McG had to say about the deal and his parnter Peter Johnson:

“Warner Bros. bet on us 10 years ago and has helped us build an amazing business. Peter doesn’t chase the same writers as everyone else: we look for people on the verge, and for people who can tap into the youthful vibe of our company as they approach storytelling for broadcast TV.

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