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Notes from Brian: On Marty Feldman and Chemistry on Cinemax

Brian’s been reading Marty Feldman. He’s also been making TV shows. Find out about both below!

It’s always fascinating (to me, at least) when gurus come in to record commentaries, if only because that moment is a nice little reflection of their viewing habits and what they’re currently enthusiastic about. Same goes for when we get notes in our inbox (which we encourage more of!) because it’s genuinely nice to see where the various creatives involved with helping our little site keep getting their energy to do so.

So when Brian Trenchard-Smith emailed us to tell us he’d been reading the biography of Marty Feldman, he had a little more to say, seeing as he once worked with the man. Here’s Brian:

I had the pleasure of directing Marty Feldman back in 1972 for an Australian TV Special. Two years earlier, I had worked

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