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Who do You Think Will Win Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp? Here’s Our Prediction!

Who is going to take home $200,00? Will it be beer-drinking Bobby Brown, Uber-Wimp Kevin Federline, or ego maniac Sebastian Bach? We have a favorite!

Could an out-of-shape fashion designer actually beat a dancer in a physical fitness challenge? We say Yes! Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll, we think you are going to beat Kevin Federline in Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp!

The eight celebrities that VH1 have pulled together to compete in this season’s show are quite a pack of B-listers. In addition to Jay and Kevin, there’s R&B singer Bobby Brown, Baywatch star Nicole Eggert, rocker Sebastian Bach, High School Musical hip-hopper KayCee Stroh, and Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas.

But the contestant we feel sorriest for is Shar Jackson. Can you imagine being stuck in boot camp with your Ex? She has to endure losing weight (which frankly, we’re not all that sure she needs

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