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Party Favors: A Swiftian Gouge

Nashville - How much is your child’s love worth?

Kiddie country sensation Taylor Swift is coming to town. Just for kicks I checked Stubhub to see how much people were willing to resell tickets to the sold out show. I nearly threw up my Twinkie when I saw quite a few seats priced at $l,200. That’s not a typo. They are expecting some parent to pay $1,2000 for their kid to see a twig with a blonde wig. Since the kid isn’t of driving age, that means the parent is willing to pay $2,400 to make their kid happy. While the seats were on the floor, they were nearly 50 rows back from the stage.

For that price, I expect to be close enough to the stage to know if Taylor Swift wears panties or a g-string. I want to be close enough to use qualify as her Ob-gyn. I

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