TV review: Downton Abbey

Sex, blackmail, girls in nice frocks and now a war. Downton Abbey just got even better

Ah jolly good, the return of Downton Abbey (ITV1, Sunday). We've moved on a couple of years from series one, the first world war is properly under way. Over in the Somme, Matthew is up to his neck in hell and mud. It's like Glastonbury, only even worse. Thomas the footman is there too, being a coward, though it took guts even to be a coward back then. He holds his lit lighter in the air (see what I mean about Glastonbury though it's mobile phones now, I know), above the parapet … Bang, got him, first time, good shot, sir. Or Toller Schoss mein Herr. Stretcher bearers! Now Thomas can scurry back to Blighty, to cause trouble and spread ill will.

The war is affecting life back at home too of course. "Sometimes it

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