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How easy is it to barge in on a TV series?

Stuart Heritage joins Shameless and Desperate Housewives late in their long runs and tries to work out what's going on

It's no fun barging into the middle of a TV series that you've never seen before. You don't know who anybody is, or why they're all doing the things that they do and the whole experience can make you feel a bit like the village idiot. You can ask others for help, but that's no guarantee of anything – if you're watching a show like The Wire, where entire seasons hinge on a single word mumbled during the course of a conversation held in the background of an otherwise innocuous scene 16 episodes ago and never brought up since, it's really not worth the bother.

To prove this point, I've been tasked with watching two long-running shows to see if I could work out exactly what was going on. The first of

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