'Halo Legends' a Good Primer to the Halo Universe

One thing that makes the Halo franchise so interesting is that it is much bigger than the main protagonist of Master Chief and the video games that feature his story. The various novels, comics, and alternate reality games have all added richness to the Halo universe in terms of new characters, weaving plots, and cultural context.

Halo Legends is an anime anthology project in which five different Japanese animation studios interpret the Halo universe through seven short films. And while he appears in most of the shorts, Master Chief stars in only one, proof that the Halo franchise is much larger than one character.

"Origins", directed by Hideki Futumura, is effectively a synopsis of the Halo backstory, from the origins of the ancient Forerunners and their confrontation with the Flood, to the more recent history of the universe, in which the humans of Earth begin to colonize space, and come into conflict with the Covenant.

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