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Not Available on DVD – Curse Of The Crimson Cult

Any film featuring either Christopher Lee or Boris Karloff is an instant must-see for horror fans. The two terror titans joined forces the first time in 1958′s Corridors Of Blood, a grimy graverobber/mad doctor opus that took place in 19th century England. Ten years later came their second and final collaboration, Curse Of The Crimson Cult (aka Curse Of The Crimson Altar or simply The Crimson Cult) and this time cult siren Barbara Steele, the reigning queen of horror, joined them as well. With this type of fright wattage, you’d expect Curse Of The Crimson Cult to be some sort of classic much-discussed by monster kids just for the cast alone (it’s even got Michael Gough!), but that’s not the case with this strange but confused brew of devil-worshipping, witches, creepy old mansions with secret passageways torture devices, and ritual sacrifices. It’s considered to be

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