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Kurt Oldman on Board to Score Killer Holiday

Business is moving forward for Killer Holiday with the addition of a new well traveled horror musical score writer. Kurt Oldman will join the project and will set the ambiance with his musical talents.

Directed by Marty Thomas, Killer Holiday promises to introduce viewers to a new face of fear in Melvin "Spider" Holiday (Michael Copon), a predator who stalks the roads and leads his victims into a creepy abandon amusement park. (Personally I've never come across an abandon amusement park in my travels. But if I ever happen upon one, you can bet your sweet ass the last thing I'm going to do is go poking around in there.)

In addition to Copon, Killer Holiday stars Rachel Lara, Alex Mandel (Do you think he can blow up a rubber glove and slide it on his head like his old man? Those were the days!) and Rachel Wixom.

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