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Box Set Club: The Lakes

Twentysomething sex, drink and drugs collides with harsh reality in Jimmy McGovern's Cumbria-set morality tale

Current Spooks scheduling aside, we all know what Sunday evening television on the BBC is supposed to be: rolling hills, gentle plotlines, the occasional priest ambling politely into view. It's Hamish Macbeth, Ballykissangel, Monarch of the Glen. But for four weeks in 1997, Sunday evening on BBC1 was Jimmy McGovern's The Lakes – and while the priest and rolling hills were still in place, the plotlines were a long way from gentle.

A Cumbria-set tale of Liverpudlian likely lad Danny Kavanagh (John Simm), The Lakes is a hard-bitten riot of a show. Set in the dog days of the last century, it tackles everything from gambling addiction to how it feels to be the outsider in a small community when tragedy hits.

Rewatching it now the most notable (and in some ways shocking) thing is how little has changed.

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