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Canada, A Nation of Cranks

Every country has their negative stereotype: the French? Stinky; Americans? Obnoxious; Italians? Moped riders (shudder). Canada's stereotype, in contrast, is supposed to be great. We're nice. We're nicey-nice, nice people, helping old ladies across the street and saying "sorry" even if you bump into us. It would seem, to the international community, we're the equivalent of the guy that the hot girl is "just friends" with. We're not good enough to date, but one day she'll probably give us a hand job out of pity as long as we promise not to tell anyone.

Well, I hate to break it to you world, but Canada isn't the boring sweater-vest wearing place you think it is. Canada is a nation built by and for cranks. See, what the rest of the world doesn't realize is when you think we're being self-effacing and modest we're probably making fun of you right to your face.

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