Homeland Series Premiere 'Pilot' Preview

Showtime's newest scripted series Homeland debuts tonight after Dexter and aims to further crowd Sunday nights with must-see programming.

In Homeland, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) was presumed dead after disappearing in Iraq eight years ago. Upon his discovery and return home as a hero, CIA agent Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes) begins to suspect he may have changed sides and is part of a plot to hatch a terrorist attack on American soil.

Early looks at Homeland are calling it a dark, slow burn that sets the table for potential clashes later in the first season. There are some loose similarities to the theatrical film Arlington Road starring Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges that dealt with domestic terrorism, but Homeland is the first show of its kind to hit the airwaves.

What's unclear is where Homeland might head if and when the season 1 storyline plays out. Arlington Road had a definitive end.

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