Basketball Wives: La: I'm Done.

What happens when a bunch of judgmental middle-aged velociraptors stop being polite and start picking apart a pretty young woman who dares cross their path?

Basketball Wives: La.

Tonight's Basketball Wives: La was the straw that broke this camel's back and I have to say that I'm officially tired of the Bs. Tired of the hypocrisy, tired of the mob mentality, tired of the abusive attacks on someone that didn't do a damn thing to draw the ire of the circle. It's a bunch of sub-high school hijinx from women who should know better and who claim to be above drama but reveal in it like a pig in fresh mud and watching somebody continually take the brunt of the circle's frustrations with their own situations has gotten old.

For six episodes, we've seen Draya Michele (Howard) be prejudged, name called, and raked over the coals in order to be

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