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Daily Briefing. Cinema Scope and Film Quarterly, Dorsky and Kaufman

You'd think that Team Cinema Scope, having just covered Toronto 2011 more extensively — surely! — than any other single publication has ever covered a film festival in the histories of films and festivals combined, would take a month or two off to recover. But no, here's Issue 48, solid as any other.

Of Thom Andersen's 30 "Random Notes on a Projection of The Clock by Christian Marclay," here's the first: "The Clock is certainly dumb: a 24-hour movie made entirely from other movies in which the depicted screen time corresponds precisely to the actual time of the screening with plenty of clock inserts and shots in which clocks appear, sometimes incidentally. I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, why didn't I think of that? But is The Clock dumb enough?" Marclay, at any rate, is smart enough to have made not one, not two, but six editions of the piece, the last

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