Exclusive Interview! Rachel Uchitel: “My Romantic Wedding” To Matt Hahn!

Rachel Uchitel, 36, tied the knot with Matt, 26, on Sunday, Oct. 2nd in Las Vegas, after moving to start a new life with him in San Francisco. We're thrilled for you Rachel! While Rachel is infamous as the #1 other woman in Tiger Woods' life, she also suffered terrible heartbreak after tragically losing her fiancé Andy O’Grady on Sept 11, 2001. O'Grady, an investment banker, died after a terrorist-hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center's South Tower, where he worked. Rachel told us exclusively at about how much she loved Andy. "Andy was amazing, he was too good to be true." It wasn't until Rachel met former Penn State football player turned insurance broker Matt Hahn, that she found true love again. And how they're hitched for life! "Matt and I were married in front of 12 friends at 11pm on Sunday night at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas,

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