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Wii Review: We Sing UK Hits

Everyone loves karaoke. Even those people who vehemently deny the fact – ply them with enough Babycham and they’ll be up doing their finest Tom Jones in double quick time, crooning like it’s noone’s business. And in the same way that the hugely successful Guitar Hero franchise channelled that inherent need we have to strum an air guitar in appreciation of a song, there have been a raft of games, lead by We Sing and Lips that succeed because of how infectious music is.

The track list is very much geared towards melding some fine karaoke classics, like Bananarama’s “Venus” and the frankly brilliant “Never Gunna Give You Up” by Rick Astley, with modern favourites from the likes of Adele and Coldplay and some additions from the Unspoken Classics Songbook like Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and Madness’ “It Must Be Love”. As a tracklist in its own right,

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