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Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust Rocks Screens

Lift your glasses to Paul Morrell, the director of Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust. The man had a good weekend. The indie film was screened in 11 theaters and had a nice haul.

Following the exploits of a serial killer named Purge, Filth to Ashes features a trio of uber-uber-hotties: Allison Ochmanek, Linda Bella and Meredith Laine. My lord! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, ladies... @doctorgash. I'm not just another pretty face!).

Sorry, let me focus here … Filth to Ashes opened in 11 theaters and had the 5th highest per screen average of the week. That's including everyone, folks; the big boys, too. The film brought in $86,000 (good for #38 overall) and not bad considering the entire production only cost $18,000. Playing with the house money now, gang. Congrats, guys!

The film also stars Anton Troy from Chillerama and Crissy Moran. You can check out the trailer below or on the Filth to Ashes,

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