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More Than a 'Coach'

Craig T. Nelson, perhaps still most identified with the comically oafish and bumbling title character on "Coach" (1989–97), insists his lifelong career on television has in no way curtailed other options. More to the point, making TV his base of operation was his choice. "I have had to feed a family, and the best way to do that was to do television," he says. On March 2 he will be seen on a new NBC series, "Parenthood," co-starring Lauren Graham and Peter Krause. Nelson plays Zeek Braverman, a macho, traditionalist grandfather in a totally dysfunctional and very contemporary family."The script was just great," says Nelson. "It's sophisticated and funny, and the cast is extraordinary. When I heard them read, I realized just how remarkable they all were. The actors, directors, and the character I'll play are all considerations. But it's predominantly the story that draws me to a project."Whatever the role,

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