The Ronalds Brothers announce new movie ‘Sprawl’

Brian Ronalds and Dean Ronalds, more commonly known as the Ronalds Brothers, who produced the Brian Skiba directed Dirty Little Trick (a film that stars Michael Madsen and Dean Cain, whose trailer we had the world exclusive of) which is finally hitting Us stores on November 15th, have announced their next production, Sprawl.

Directed by Dean Ronalds, produced by Tom Malloy and Brian Ronalds and written by Domenic Migliore, Sprawl is set to shoot in Hollywood, with casting underway now and a mid-October production start date in place. The brothers are very excited about Sprawl and “feel that this could be a break out film for them”.

Different from any of their previous movies: Netherbeast Incorporated, The Graves and Dirty Little Trick, Sprawl is a glimpse into the life of an outcast teenage girl that handles her deep seeded issues by turning the blade on herself and her body.

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