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Producer Shares Best in Canada Short Film Award Distinction Between His Two Films

David Cormican, Producer of both the short films ‘Minus Lara’ and ‘Rusted Pyre’ has been awarded a two-way tie between his films for the “Best in Canada” award as part of the 2011 Reel Rave International Film Festival.

Waskesui, Sk— The Canadian Short Screenplay Competition’s ‘Rusted Pyre’ starring Best Actress winner Samantha Somer Wilson and ‘Less Than Kind’ star Brooke Palsson, written by Daniel Audet and directed by Laurence Cohen and ‘Minus Lara’ (a short film produced for Bravo!Fact), stars Romina D’Ugo is written by Canadian Film Centre student Surita Parmar and directed by Rob King, were co-awarded one of… More

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