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Megacities Today, Rubble Tomorrow: Haiti, Chile as Architectural Wake-Up Call [Update]

Disasters in Haiti and Chile show architecture is the problem--and the solution--for earthquake-prone cities.

This week in The New York Times, Andrew Revkin published a wake-up call for megacities: Learn from Haiti; you might be next. And the problem is architecture. Earthquakes don't kill people, he says. Buildings do. "In recent earthquakes, buildings have acted as weapons of mass destruction," Roger Bilham, a seismologist who Revkin interviews, wrote in Nature. Most of the buildings in the world's fastest-growing cities are "rubble in waiting."

Joel Achenbach's article in the Washington Post says if you live in one of the biggest cities on the planet, you're probably at risk. (The Times has a similar map here.)

The next Big One could strike Tokyo, Istanbul, Tehran, Mexico City, New Delhi, Kathmandu or the two metropolises near California's San Andreas Fault, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Or it could devastate Dhaka, Jakarta, Karachi, Manila,

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