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Repo! or Repo Men? Which Came First? Bousman Speaks Out!

While doing some early publicity interviews for his work on the upcoming Mother's Day, director Darren Bousman has also been dealing with a little bit of a sticky situation.

There's been a lot of speculation amongst the fanbase regarding the similarities between Universal's upcoming film Repo Men and Bousman's own Repo! The Genetic Opera. Given that both films were in production at roughly the same time, people are wondering which came first.

Over on Bousman has addressed the situation once and for all. We recommend you head on over and check it out as it's a really interesting read. One that will hopefully put all the speculation and chatter quietly to bed.

Coincidence? Rip-off? Decide for yourself. Either way, we're sure both films will have their fans, but I think that Repo!'s fanbase will remain the most vocal and loving for many years to come. We'll see

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