Portuguese horror series The Ten (O Dez) debuts

"Ten Stories. Ten Cursed Coins Circulating Through Us." That would be the English translation for the tagline for The Ten ("O Dez").

The Portuguse project brings together a number of popular directors, screen writers and actors to tell ten stories, each with the connection of a cursed coin. The series, produced by Leonel Vieira, was initially packaged as a compilation film but as the project grew, so did the scope and the final result is this: a collection of ten horror films being distributed to the public via both the web and television.

The first episode went live yesterday at Sapo which will be hosting a new entry every few days while Rtp, Portugal’s national television station, will air the films starting on March 13th.

I like the concept, the first two films are good but above all, I’m happy to see that horror is alive and well in Portugal!

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