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An Independent Filmmaker Needs Your Help!

Bob Ray needs dough to fund his newest documentary Total Badass! Help an Austinite out and take a look at his Kickstarter campaign to donate!

Also, check out their fundraiser screening of the film, Thursday, March 18th at Alamo South Lamar. You can purchase tickets Here!

We celebrate a lot of things at the Alamo Drafthouse. Exploitation cinema, good food, great beer, dance parties, film festivals, but most importantly independent film. We’ve helped a lot of baby films (and I mean that in a very non-patronizing way – I’m talking “baby” versus “gigantor studio films”) get off the ground with screenings, and with our amazing customers and film-junkies spreading news via word-of-mouth. Right now, we’ve got a filmmaker that needs a boost so he can get his documentary off the ground, and we though you’d be the perfect audience to direct this call too.

Bob Ray is

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