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DVD Review - The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher

British politics seem to be, as a rule, controversial. As one of the most polarizing figures of the late 20th century, Margaret Thatcher is certainly no exception. As an American, I'm unsurprisingly (and unfortunately) ignorant of a lot of Britain's more recent history, so I can't really easily determine whether any of the content contained in The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher, out on DVD and Blu-ray from BBC Video October 18, is actually factual. I can, however, assure you that all three films included in the set are quite entertaining.

The three made-for-television films are entirely separate affairs. But while Thatcher is portrayed by different actresses in each of the three movies, they form an arc, beginning with her rise to power in the first film, and ending with her 'downfall' in the third. It feels like an epic saga, and in some ways, it is.

The first film included in the set,

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