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First Look at the Teaser Trailer for Opious

Producer Jeremiah Sayys dropped us a line this evening with an update on his latest project, Opious, which was written and directed by his producing partner, Sheila Ryan. We have for you the flick's poster art and a teaser trailer along with the official synopsis.

Sayys also stars in Opious along with Remy Ryan, Sean Ryan, William A. Robertson, Kit Williamson, Julie Van, John Halbach, Marcy Heartsong, Carlos Mendes, Martin Yribarren, Stacia Rader Price, Toni Rader Price, Frederik Wiedmann, and Hyesu Yang.


When a group of ghost hunters arrive to investigate a said to be haunted inn, they stumble upon a journal belonging to a satanic cult’s leader. After the journal is accidentally opened, the ghost hunters, along with a mysterious kid who is found kidnapped at the inn, must close a portal from hell, unleashed by the journal, before the sun rises the next morning. But doing

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