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Shilpi Sharma appreciated for her performance in Be Careful

After playing a bold and sizzling character in Jo Bole So Nihal with Sunny Deol, actress Shilpi Sharma, has confidently portrayed an important role in 'Be Careful'. The seductress has received  positive responses from viewers for her performance."I enjoyed my character in the film. I am glad that people noticed and appreciated my work. After all that's what matters at the end. I believe whichever role I decide to agree to play on, I should get completely involved into it and work hard and even harder. That is the only way to the heart of my audience....and there's no shortcut,"says Shilpi.'Be Careful', a rib tickling comedy which was released on 21st October, and stars Rajniesh Duggal (1920 fame), Tanisha Mukerji,Tajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Shakti Kapoor, Johnny Lever, Zaid and a line of good actors. The hot bod who is back with a

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