Hottie Natassia Malthe To Return Once More For Uwe Bolls BloodRayne 4

The sexy Natassia Malthe is set to return to Uwe Boll's 'BloodRayne' franchise in the new fourth installment. Malthe -below ('Alone in the Dark II') will be back as Rayne, the Dhampir (child of a vampire father and a human mother), to face more enemies and perform more evil ass-kicking. But more importantly the Malaysian actress managed to get naked and steamy in predecessor 'Bloodrayne: The Third Reich' so fingers crossed for a repeat performance in 'BloodRayne 4'. The 'BloodRayne' movies, based on the video game series of the same name, have all been helmed by director Boll - the man who has been disappointing game fans for a few years now with his endless list of game to feature adaptions which include the likes of 'Far Cry', 'House of the Dead', 'Alone in the Dark' and 'Postal'.

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