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Harold’s Going Stiff | Review - Austin Film Festival 2011

Director: Keith Wright Writer: Keith Wright Starring: Stan Rowe, Sarah Spencer, Phil Gascoyne, Andy Pandini, Richard Harrison, Molly Howe, Eleanor James The last thing the world needs is another zombie movie. But Harold’s Going Stiff has a mad spark of genius behind it. Why not fuse the zombie genre with the kind of sober, earnest documentary you might see about a pressing public health concern on British television? In fact, this film succeeds by embracing that uniquely English tendency to deny and repress, to shudder at the messy, and come up with all manner of euphemisms to disguise the unpleasant. The result is a subversive, hilarious mock documentary about a new medical affliction called Onset Rigors Disease (Ord) that has been striking the male population of rural England. Ord begins with a stiffness in the limbs that becomes so debilitating that its victims begin to lurch around. Phase 2 sufferers exhibit mental impairment (i.

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