Av Room: Attack The Block Blu-Ray

Attack The Block Blu-RaySony Home Entertainment2011/Rated R/Running Time 88 minsList Price: $35.99 -- Available October 25, 2011John Carpenter once said that when a filmmaker has limited resources, the more creative they are. In an age where most films that stand a chance of making an impact at the box-office have already been backed by millions upon millions of dollars, its rare to see low budget features at all, let alone a good one. It remains to be seen whether or not Joe Cornish's Attack the Block will make an impact at the box-office, but it definitely has the makings of a cult classic. His incredibly funny, exciting and inspiring action-horror-comedy features a simple story with performances that go above and beyond most big budget f/x pictures. At times one can feel the budget restraints of the production, yet they are not flaws, just enjoyable quirks that work surprisingly well in service of the experience.

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