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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #14

Editors note - apologies for the delay, but you looking folks get two editions this weekend!

Has it been two weeks already? But its gone so fast, and so much has happened since last we met – unfortunately most of it sad.

Yet that’s why this feature exists, to make you smile, laugh and forget the woes of the world. Here, assembled for your viewing pleasure are fine examples of satirical humour, face-plants, horrendous football skills, voice manipulation and the charm of Disney...

5. The Hamster Wheel: Lord Monckton

The Hamster Wheel is a hilarious spin-off show from the folks of the sublime Australian TV series The Chaser's War on Everything. If you like this, then please check out their previous work.

Lord Monckton, a real figure in British politics, is set up to be another of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters in this satirical clip. A series of comedians, alongside

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