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Legends II: A Halloween Tale Picks Up Where H20 Left Off

Did you ever wonder what happened after Halloween: H20 left off? No? Well, some people did. And the good folks at Godbout Entertainment have answered the question with Legends II: A Halloween Tale. The story picks up ten years after that particular Halloween film leaves off, and it takes an angle you certainly wouldn't expect.

Legends 2 assumes that everything we saw in the Halloween series was true, and then Hollywood took the story and turned it into one of the most successful horror franchises of all time. Really? Someone do something slimy like that in Hollywood? Never!

The film stars Aj Jones, Alexia Maria Orihuela, Anthony Cosmano, Andrew Niemann, Michael Santi, Fran Rafferty, Cooper Zachery, Jeffery Vazquez, Karla Dieseldorff, Sarieha Alsawaf, Katrice Gallaway, Jennifer Ayala as Laurie and Ralph Lugo as The Shape. Gerald J. Godbout III wrote and directed. Check out the trailer below and cruise over to

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