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Have 75 years of television made us smarter?

Seventy-five years after the UK's first TV broadcasts, has the medium been beneficial?

Boyd Hilton, TV and reviews editor of Heat magazine

A curious phenomenon is occurring each Wednesday. The BBC is receiving a lot of love. Well, to be specific, David Attenborough's current series is. Frozen Planet is so beautifully put together, so moving, so informative, that even those cynical journalists who routinely abuse the BBC on behalf of their paymasters for the simple reason their products are in direct competition with it are eagerly embracing the brilliance of this programme. The phrase "worth the licence fee alone" is being trotted out all over Twitter. It's also as much evidence as I need to win this argument. I'm already smarter than I was before I watched the first two episodes. By the end of show seven, I fully expect to be some kind of expert on the natural history of the polar regions.

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