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Lost Song

If you're in for an entertaining and fast-paced drama, don't even think about renting Lost Song. Although the story is fairly well written, Rodrigue Jean's film is frustrating to watch because of its execution. Yet, it doesn't prevent this independent film to possess some qualities.

Pierre (Patrick Goyette) and Elisabeth (Suzie LeBlanc), a couple in their thirties, move with their newborn son into a cottage on a lake for the summer. While Elisabeth stays at the cottage to rehearses for an upcoming voice recital, Pierre goes to work in the city. Obviously, Elisabeth is not alone since Pierre's mom lives in the neighbouring cottage and is willing to help Elisabeth at times. However, Elisabeth feels isolated, overwhelmed by her maternal responsibilities and distressed. Besides, Elisabeth's entourage doesn't seem to get that.

Honestly, if I knew how Lost Song is like, I wouldn't have bothered to watch it in the first place.

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