Ethics in Journalism: Now With 90% Less Dancing!

How do you measure the character of a man? By the company he keeps? His work ethic? Their dancing prowess? His ability to do the honestly report the facts despite pressure from his mentor, who may or may not be the editor of a powerful newspaper? Alleged would argue it's the latter. We know, that's a pretty specific choice and thus not really applicable to other judgments of character, but that doesn't make it any less valid. What's more, Alleged has won (received?) the Dove Foundation's "Family Approved" seal of approval. Now that's a pedigree few films can match. What does that mean for you the viewer? No sex, no swearing, no violence, and a whole lot of good ol' fashioned moral fiber. Mmmm mmm, yum. If the wholesome story of ethics and love in the face of corruption sounds like you're cup of tea, then you might want to check out Alleged,

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