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Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' Video: Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet, Part II

From Andy Warhol to 'NCIS,' there are plenty of references we didn't spot the first time.

By James Montgomery and Eric Ditzian

Lady Gaga in her video for "Telephone"

Photo: Interscope

It is perhaps tribute to Lady Gaga's sprawling, spot-the-references "Telephone" video that, even after we published a fairly comprehensive Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet on Friday, there was still enough ephemera left over for a second piece.

Seems there was plenty we missed in our first go-round, so we're back for round two, with special note of thanks to the intrepid readers who pointed out many of the following to us. Without further ado, here's our Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet, Part II. Once again alphabetized and cross-referenced for your perusal.

'Telephone' Cheat Sheet Photos

Blue, Alektra: American porn star. A former Penthouse Pet of the Month with credits to her name like "Housewives Hunting Housewives" and "Tease Before the

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